Laycote 200 and 400 Single- and Dual-Ribbon Auger Coating Systems

The Laycote 400, a Dual- Ribbon Auger, is a high- capacity coating system, which is designed to mix fertilizers and coat liquids and powders quickly and effectively in a continuous blending or coating process. The high capacity Laycote Dual-Ribbon Auger is designed to coat at a maximum capacity of 400 TPH of urea, although initial R&D testing by the Yargus Engineering Group has shown the capacity to top off at 430 TPH.

A smaller capacity option is also available with the Laycote 200 that can meter out product and coat at rates up to 200 tons per hour. The Laycote 200 comes complete with a single-ribbon auger and spray system, all controlled with a Layco-Pro Automation built and programmed PLC control panel.