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EPA Approves Vibrance Trio Seed Treatment

Aug 14, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Syngenta’s newest seed treatment, a premix of three fungicide active ingredients, recently received registration from the EPA. Vibrance Trio will be used on soybean seeds to ensure strong stands and fight disease.

Dial-In Silage Harvest

Aug 07, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Harvest timing is critical—especially when it comes to cutting silage. A new tool by Rock River Laboratory, Inc., is said to help farmers determine the best time to cut silage.

Stage Corn, Plan Harvest Schedule

Aug 03, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
In many parts of the Corn Belt, the crop is ahead of what farmers typically expect. With the potential for an earlier harvest, brush up on staging skills to make sure you get crops out of the field at the optimum time.

The Right Choice

Jul 19, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Seed selection is one of the most important decisions you make each year as it influences numerous other factors.