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Sonja Begemann provides information about seeds, chemicals and anything that affects crop production. A recent graduate of the University of Missouri (Science and Agricultural Journalism), Sonja is excited to help provide farmers with information they need to know. She has a strong background in row crop production and learned valuable agronomic skills in corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa.

Her roots in agriculture began with both of her grandparents, who were corn and soybean farmers and continued to grow throughout her childhood on a small family farm where she raised chickens and pigs for 4-H and FFA. When Sonja looks to relax she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking and doing anything outside.
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New Biofungicide Fights White Mold

Jun 13, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. is introducing a new tool to help farmers fight pests in a variety of crops. The fungicide, Amplitude, is approved for the 2018 season and uses the same active ingredient as Stargus.
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Making Rain Forecasts More Accurate

Jun 13, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Rainfall forecasts are flawed. They don’t take into account factors such as evaporation making them less accurate. Meteorologists at the MU have developed a method to help accurately account for evaporation.
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An Unpopular (But Likely) Forecast

Jun 07, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Farmers in the Midwest, namely Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, can expect more hot, dry weather in the coming weeks. This could hit corn at critical times, such as pollination and the start of grain fill.
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Golden Rice Approved by FDA

Jun 01, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
The international Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has the green light for Golden Rice in the U.S. from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency concluded the rice varieties are safe for consumers.