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Sonja Begemann provides information about seeds, chemicals and anything that affects crop production. A recent graduate of the University of Missouri (Science and Agricultural Journalism), Sonja is excited to help provide farmers with information they need to know. She has a strong background in row crop production and learned valuable agronomic skills in corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa.

Her roots in agriculture began with both of her grandparents, who were corn and soybean farmers and continued to grow throughout her childhood on a small family farm where she raised chickens and pigs for 4-H and FFA. When Sonja looks to relax she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking and doing anything outside.
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Corn 01

Lessons To Learn From 2018

Oct 11, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
This year farmers across the corn- and soybean-growing states were inundated with a myriad of challenges. Farmer responses to those challenges lended to, or detracted from, the season’s ultimate success.