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Sonja Begemann provides information about seeds, chemicals and anything that affects crop production. A recent graduate of the University of Missouri (Science and Agricultural Journalism), Sonja is excited to help provide farmers with information they need to know. She has a strong background in row crop production and learned valuable agronomic skills in corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa.

Her roots in agriculture began with both of her grandparents, who were corn and soybean farmers and continued to grow throughout her childhood on a small family farm where she raised chickens and pigs for 4-H and FFA. When Sonja looks to relax she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking and doing anything outside.
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Recent Stories by Sonja Begemann

Assess Wheat For Freeze Injury

Apr 05, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
Thanks to Mother Nature’s somewhat cruel sense of humor, farmers in wheat-growing states need to evaluate their stands for death from recent (and upcoming) cold snaps.

Make A Plan To Stop Ragweed

Apr 03, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
If you haven’t figured out your weed control strategy for the season it’s time to get it done. Know what weeds are in your field and understand if ragweedis in your soybean fields, it’s important to gain control.

Soybeans Key to Future Prices

Mar 29, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
USDA dropped a couple bombs on American farmers today in the agency’s Prospective Planting and Grain Stocks reports. These surprises lead to quick reactions from the market.

Beware Of Planting Into Cold Soil

Mar 23, 2018 by Sonja Begemann
While many across the country are itching to get into fields, planting too early could lead to cold or even frost injury to seedlings, resulting in lowered stands and therefore reduced yield potential.