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4 Tips for Effective Social Media

May 14, 2018 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
Iowa pork producer Erin Brenneman, public relations and social media manager for Brenneman Pork, offers these four tips to encourage farmers to put social media to work for the entire agricultural community. 

Five High-Tech Farming Trends

Mar 26, 2018 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
Animal agriculture – like nearly every other industry – will need to adopt new technologies to meet the needs of a growing population. Dr. Lowell Catlett illustrates five trends to watch.

Social Injustice at the Highest Level

Dec 26, 2017 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
When activists push their policies on an unsuspecting public, they forget about those who need food most. An impassioned woman who knows what it is to be hungry tells the real impact of these policies.