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Farmland Is Hiding Loads Of Buried Treasure

Jun 05, 2018 by Chris Bennett
Farmland often serves as a giant time capsule. Arrowheads, fossils, petrified wood, meteorites, marbles, coins, buttons and bullets are a portion of an endless list pulled straight from the trappings of yesteryear.
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Farmers Seek Relief From Pipeline Damage

May 15, 2018 by Chris Bennett
Two farmers had ground turned upside-down by a pipeline. Compounding the growers’ frustration, the government is allowing the pipeline to conduct a soil investigation on the same farmland it is accused of ruining.

Swarm Bots Coming In A Decade

Mar 08, 2018 by Chris Bennett
A massive technological push steered by Cotton Incorporated aims to deliver automated harvest via fleets of swarm robots to U.S. fields within 10 to 15 years.