Yargus Manufacturing

Yargus Manufacturing, established in 1968, is celebrating 50 years of business in 2018. Yargus proudly produces a wide range of premium bulk blending and material handling equipment for agricultural and industrial uses.


Yargus Manufacturing is a full-service company with extensive knowledge, providing project design, engineering, production, installation, transportation and technical assistance personnel to meet the demands of the client.


The Yargus product line is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry. The company’s customers look to Yargus for a solution to all their bulk handling needs, as many options are available and systems can be custom designed as required.


As technology advances, so does Yargus. Yargus Manufacturing has a new automation system that not only manages inventory but also includes monitoring the material consumption and plant productivity. From receiving to load out, full plant automation offers the user the ability to track amounts of product coming in from the supplier, and going out to the customer. Yargus is continually updating its extensive product line in order to meet the needs of industry, not only at home in the U.S.A. but also throughout the world.


Address: 12285 E. Main Street Marshall, IL, 62441

Website: www.yargus.com

Years in Business: 50
Sales Contact: Anne Sheehy, anne.sheehy@yargus.com, (217) 826-6352 



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