Winter wheat harvest moves along

Surrounded by wheat fields, Ed Janke of Central Kansas is rolling right along with harvest. Yields have been somewhat surprising on his more than century-and-a-half-old farm this year.

"We have an above normal crop this year," says Janke, who

grows wheat, soybean, and grain sorghum.

He's getting 50 bu. to 80 bu. per acre of wheat compared to the norm of 45 to 50.

"We had a really weird weather year. It was wet around Christmas and the rest of winter was dry," he says. "We had good moisture this spring and we luckily stayed cool during grain fill."

He is still waiting to see how the rest of his farm shapes up—at 20% harvested, he recognizes he has a long way to go. "We're a touch ahead of schedule," the Kansas native says. "Our wheat's just barely ready, there's still some green heads."

Depending on the weather, Janke hopes to be done in two weeks if all goes as planned. He is optimistic yields should be fairly uniform across his acres.