Winter Outlook Calls for Above-Normal Temps for Much of Country

The National Weather Service's (NWS) forecast for November through January calls for above-normal temps across much of the contiguous U.S., including the Central and Southern Plains as well as the Corn Belt. The exception is a band from Washington to western Minnesota that calls for equal chances of normal, below- or above-normal temps. Additionally, the forecast calls for below-normal precip from Arizona into the Carolinas. This includes Oklahoma and Texas. However, given that the latest Drought Monitor indicates a limited presence of drought, the winter outlook for the HRW wheat crop is not overly concerning.

Above-normal precip is expected from Montana southward into Colorado, while the Dakotas, Central Plains and the Corn Belt have equal chances of normal, below- or above-normal precip for the winter months.

The NWS adds that oceanic conditions continue to move "quite close to the La Nina state." It says the outlook took into consideration the impacts "often observed during La Nina events."

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