Winter Annuals and Spring Planting Don’t Mix

It’s the beginning of the year, when people want to start things off right. The same should be true for every new growing season. Talk with your customers about a spring burndown program. There are several reasons why a burndown might be the right start for their fields:

  1. Planting conditions. Clear up winter annuals and early emerging summer annuals for clean fields ahead of the planter. 
  2. Timely planting. Purdue Extension advises that some “weeds, specifically chickweed, can create mats that slow soil drying and delay planting. Although these annuals may […be] nearing the end of their life cycle, a timely burndown application will speed up the desiccation processes for quicker soil drying and timely planting.”
  3. Herbicide resistance management. Use different modes of action than what will be used in-season to clear up resistant weeds and help avoid additional issues. Plus, selecting herbicides with residual should make post-emergent applications more effective due to smaller weed size at time of spraying.

For more good tips on selecting herbicides, application timing and proper sprayer set-up for contact herbicides, refer to these Extension articles from the University of Nebraska and Purdue University:


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