WinField United Completes Three Mergers and Moves Toward Total Agronomy Solution

With the completion of a series of acquisitions, WinField United reports progress with its plan to offer a “total agronomy solution.”

WinField United, the crop inputs and insights business of Land O'Lakes, Inc., expanded its offerings in soil and tissue analysis, crop nutrients, seed, and insights capabilities.

"Our portfolio will now include seed, crop protection products and crop nutrients, in addition to data, technology tools and agronomic expertise - all focused on helping farmers compete and succeed,” says Mike Vande Logt, executive vice president and chief operating officer, WinField United.

The merger of WinField and United Suppliers became final October 1, which now means the macronutrient products previously offered by United Suppliers are now available in the WinField United crop nutrient portfolio.

WinField United has also acquired:

  • Solum, Inc., a soil testing lab in Ames, Iowa, with advances in soil health testing and DNA testing.
  • Armor Seed, an Arkansas-based seed provider to bring new varieties and hybrids to the Croplan seed portfolio in soybeans, corn and wheat.

"One of the most important lessons we've learned moving through this process is that we need to be open to possibilities and new ways of working," Vande Logt says. "That, paired with our deep commitment to helping farmers succeed, our passion for agriculture and our grit, will ensure our mutual success as we achieve, and move beyond, another milestone together."