Will Weather Change the Planting Rotation This Year?

2019 Acreage 032819
"Look for not only the stand-out winners but the losers, too. If you plant a dog, you’re going to harvest puppies." ( Lindsey Benne )

When USDA held their Outlook Forum, they predicted 47 million acres of wheat would be planted this year. That's down 800-thousand from 2018.

However, they projected much bigger shifts in row crops, with 92 million acres of corn, up nearly 3 million from last year. Soybean acreage is pegged at 85 million acres which is down nearly 4-million acres.

Planalytics reporting 55-percent of corn acres are at risk of flooding. Plantalytics estimates 60 percent of soybean acres in this highlighted area are at risk of moderate or major flooding.

Has the weather changed farmers’ minds with what to plant this year?

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben has the story. She talks with Todd Hubbs, an ag economist with the University of Illinois; Colten Schafersman a farmer from Nickerson, Nebraska and Rich Nelson, chief strategist with Allendale Incorporated.