Wilbur-Ellis Makes Largest Acquisition To Date

Today, Wilbur-Ellis announced it will acquire Nachurs Alpline Solutions (NAS), a specialty liquid fertilizer company with a 72-year history. Financial terms were not disclosed. 

Wilbur-Ellis says Nachurs will operate as a new business division. Current Nachurs President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Barnes will led the division and report to Wilbur-Ellis President and Chief Executive Officer John Buckley. Other Wilbur Ellis divisions include agribusiness, nutrition, and Connell. Click here for a one-one-one interview with Buckley.

“NAS is a great strategic fit for Wilbur-Ellis,” Buckley said in a news release. “It supports our One Wilbur-Ellis strategy, which promotes collaboration and leveraging our resources, experiences and knowledge across our businesses to add value and better serve customers.” 

In the announcement, Wilbur Ellis stated the advantage this acquisition gives in supporting its agribusiness division as well as expand as a specialty chemical provider to new markets. In addition to crop nutrition products (NACHURS brand in the U.S. and ALPINE brand in Canada), Nachurs diversified in the past 20 years to also manufacture and market de-icing and freeze prevention solutions for the transportation and mining industries, and fluids for the energy sector.

Nachurs has more than 200 employees as well as 85 distribution terminals in the U.S. and Canada. The company's root are in Marion, Ohio. 

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