Wilbur-Ellis Introduces New Seed Nutrition Product

( Lindsey Pound )

STEPUP 2.0 is joining the soybean seed treatment market options and will be offered through Wibur-Ellis. The seed treatment features nutritional benefits while using a lower use rate to accommodate other seed treatment products as well.

“This redesigned formulation allows for lower use rates on seed, which can result in better seed flow at planting while retaining its performance,” said Paul Johnson, Wilbur-Ellis national seed treatment manager.

The company claims in-field testing shows a 2.12 bu. per acre increase, based on two years of trials. In addition, Wilbur-Ellis says to expect the following benefits:

  • Enhanced seedling growth
  • Increased metabolism
  • Stimulated root fiber and root hair development
  • Induced and expressed natural disease tolerance

STEPUP 2.0 supplements seed with protein and amino acids during the early stages of germination. The company says this provides the seed with faster, more uniform emergence that could result in higher yields.

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