When the Agronomics are Right, The Economics Fall Into Place

BASF Agronomic Advantage ( BASF )

When the agronomics are right, the economics fall into place

While each grower and their operation differ, many — if not all — share the same common goal: to maximize return on investments from their inputs. You can help them develop a precise agronomic plan for the upcoming growing season that includes solutions from BASF.  Making the right agronomic decisions will lead to stronger economics than any rebate program.

Knowing that long-term success far exceeds short-term rewards, BASF remains focused on providing the right agronomic solutions for the highest yield potential. By giving growers the freedom to choose their preferred product and practices, agronomic plans are, in return, better suited to mitigate yield-impacting challenges specific to each grower and their operation. Together with BASF advisors, including Innovation Specialists, Business Representatives and Seed Advisors, you can help inform your growers’ decisions based on agronomics, not on rebates. Agronomic solutions from BASF are simple, flexible and focused on what works for you and your customers.

“Our agronomic approach is focused on what works for each individual grower, giving them choice, simplicity and clear pricing to provide you and your growers confidence in controlling yield-robbing pests,” says Robbie Upton, Director of Marketing, U.S. Crop Protection, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “We are dedicated to delivering value to your business through our experts, products and innovations, and not through a complicated grower rebate program. BASF wants growers to feel confident in their decisions, knowing they receive customized advice — not product recommendations based on ‘national’ trials that mean little to their operation.”

Take, for example, Zidua® herbicide versus a competitive product:

  • If weeds are present 14 days after crop emergence, there can be a 5% yield loss
  • Zidua herbicide provides up to two weeks longer residual control of weeds than most competitor products
  • With a 5% yield loss at 50 bu/acre, growers can lose 2.5 bu/acre, or approximately $21/acre
  • Competitor reward programs with $2–5/acre incentives will not cover the $21/acre loss at harvest that could come from bundling most competitive products.

In many scenarios calculated, it only takes an increase of .25 bu/acre of soybeans and less than 1 bu/acre of corn to win at harvest over rebate offers.

From disease to drought and everything in between, growers are facing increasing challenges on their operations. As a trusted retailer, you can help your growers formulate precise agronomic plans to achieve the highest yields and profits — the ultimate grower rewards. 

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