Wheaties Features Farmer’s Face On Iconic Box

Old and new crop residue in the field ( Darrell Smith )

For more than 60 years General Mills, the maker of Wheaties cereal, has honored athletes who go above and beyond in their sport. Today they’re honoring North Dakota farmer Gabe Brown for pioneering in the field of soil health for farmers across the nation.

“The box was presented as a ‘thank you’ to me and the Soil Health Academy by the General Mills Sustainability Team for our work in providing education and technical support to their growers as part of a multi-year, regenerative agriculture product,” Brown said in a recent news release.

The team at General Mills has no immediate plans to mass-produce the cereal box with Brown’s face. It’s currently a novelty item to recognize the Bismarck farmer for his hard work.


gabe brown wheaties

“Truthfully, I think every farmer making the transition from industrial to regenerative agriculture is a champion,” Brown said.

After years of trying different soil health practices on his own farm, Brown is sharing his personal journey on how he moved to a soil-health-focused regenerative ag program. His farm had poor soil conditions before he started his journey to soil health.

“The story of my farm is how I took a severely degraded, low-profit operation that had been managed using the industrial production model and regenerated it into a healthy, profitable one,” Brown said. He recently released a book called Dirt to Soil where he details his experience.

Now, he’s trying to help other farmers achieve the same success.

“One of my goals in life is to help other farmers make the same transition,” Brown said. “I hope the book and all of our work through the Soil Health Academy will help many more farmers, and even consumers, discover the hope in healthy soil.”