Wheat Seeding Lowest in 100 Years

USDA estimates farmers will plant less winter wheat for the 2018/19 marketing year than they have in 109 years. This is based on an 82,000 farmer survey.

Seeding for 2018/19 is expected to reach 32.6 million acres, just under 2017/18’s 32.7 million acres. USDA notes that projected planted acres increased in both Kansas and Texas, but it’s not enough to offset reduced acres in other states.

Wheat has undergone several years of depressed prices and challenging agronomics, which could be influencing farmers’ decisions to plant less of the crop.

“The current projection for 2018 is down less than 1% from 2017 and down 10% from 2016,” USDA says in a recent press release.

Hard red winter wheat is projected at 23.1 million acres—down 2% from 2017. Soft red winter is forecasted to increase by 4% year over year to about six million acres.

USDA Winter Wheat Trends
USDA Winter Wheat Trends



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