Wheat Production Anything But Normal in 2017

In the USDA’s latest WASDE report, there were some indications about production and price projections. The May 10 report projects wheat supplies for 2017/18 are expected to be down 9 percent compared to 2016/17. Wheat production is down 500 million bushels from the previous year.

To Angie Setzer, vice president of grain for Citizens L.L.C., this year for wheat has been out of the ordinary.

“The southern Plains crop started out extremely dry and had issues with germination,” she said. “The soft red wheat crop in the eastern Corn Belt has had issues with disease, too much moisture. Both crops have dealt with their share of cold weather.”

Hear why she says she wouldn’t be surprised to see the abandonment numbers increase on AgDay above.


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Submitted by Michael on Wed, 12/20/2017 - 04:03

This is awesome and just what is needed. More states need to follow suit. This is needed to make the manufacturers "fix" the dicamba containing products. As it stands, Illinois is going to have the same mess in '18 that we had in '17. Making a product "restricted use" and requiring more training will do NOTHING to keep these products from volatilizing. Low volatility does not mean NO volatility. free run 3 unblocked game.

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