What۪s Inside Drives John Deere۪s Product Innovation

The launch of the S700 combine series is the latest example of how John Deere integrates technology.

 “The S700 Series is the next step in our evolution,” says Randy Sergesketter, senior vice president of global crop harvesting.

The new series spans four models: S760, S770, S780 and S790. The S700 will be available for model-year 2018 production. It builds on S600 combines, which have had 15% performance improvements since being introduced in 2012. The biggest headline about the new combines is the technology incorporated in them.

The S700 combines are outfitted with multiple technologies that automate machine function. This includes automated yield calibration with Active Yield, which aims to improve the quality of yield data.

The Combine Advisor incorporates seven technologies to help operators set, optimize and automate the combine. The system will minimize grain loss and maximize grain quality as conditions change, no matter the level of operator experience. The sensors and settings are calibrated for use in corn, soybeans, wheat, canola and barley.

Auto Maintain is a function within Combine Advisor that is supported with ActiveVision cameras to give operators a view into the tailing and clean grain elevator.

Universal Environment. Operator comfort while in the cab is a priority for John Deere. The new cab on the S700 combines features the same CommandCenter carried across the company’s larger tractor and self-propelled sprayer series. The goal is to provide a uniform workplace where operators are able to customize certain features.

Precision In Application. Model- year 2018 4 Series sprayers are built with the new CommandView 3 cab, redesigned Command Arm and the 4600 CommandCenter display.

The totally redesigned CommandArm has a more ergonomic hydro handle and reconfigurable buttons. The 4 Series can be outfitted with John Deere carbon fiber booms, available in 120' and 132' widths—which are one-third lighter than steel booms. Another option is ExactApply nozzle control, notes Doug Felter, product marketing manager for application equipment. “It pulses at 30 hertz, which is 30 times on and off a second. This gives better control of the pressure no matter the speed, which is everything when it comes to hitting on target. It also provides A/B nozzle control. We have six nozzles and can use the front and back nozzle together. And ExactApply gives a great level of control; every 15'' to 20'' it can turn off individual nozzles.”