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Have a crop related question or story to tell? Join the Crop Comments community for answers or to just share what’s happening on your farm.

The purpose of Crop Comments is to create a community where farmers share stories, pictures and tips of their farms with other like-minded individuals. It’s a place where you can ask questions and get answers. It’s also meant to be a place where you can simply share the joys of high yields or the heartache of a complete loss with others that can relate and understand, and even give advice on weathering the storm. 

AgWeb launched Crop Comments in May of 2007. It generated over 100 comments from farmers in 24 states in the first month alone. Since then, farmers from coast to coast and border to border have been submitting their comments, questions, photos, videos and even some colorful rants.

Here's a sample of some recent crop comments:

4/12/2019 Adams County, WA: Very wet for a 10-11" rainfall area. winter wheat looks good Cannot get in fields to spray to windy or wet. Normally we are done spraying by now. Very little if any potatoes planted in the basin area. Livestock losses were severe due to spring calving. Cold and snow. Some corn planted but way behind.

4/12/2019 Craighead County, AR: It's fully wet here in Northeast Arkansas and another 3-4 inches are in the forecast over the next week. A fair bit of corn and a smaller amount of rice has been planted but everything else is going to be later than normal here. I have seen no cotton or soybeans planted here.

4/11/2019 Nobles County, MN: Very severe mid-April blizzard hitting us again this year! No electricity. Ground completely white with snow. And we are supposed to be planting corn in a couple of weeks? Ground was completely saturated before this current 4-6 inch moisture event. Last year we stated planting in the mud May 7th. Then got shut down from May 8th to May 17th. The corn planted May 17th was 40 bu./ acre less. We will be extremely lucky to be planting by May 7th this year and the traders are soooo naive to this. I don’t imagine ND, SD, and Nebraska are in much better shape than Minnesota but once again the traders think we can plant all our corn in two days. What a joke!

4/8/2019 Monroe County, AR: Corn and rice planting, as well as land prep for cotton, soybeans, peanuts, and other crops, came to a halt late last week with rain in eastern Arkansas. Rivers are still running high with lots of bottomland remaining under water or still muddy. More rain forecast this week for Thursday and this weekend.

4/5/2019 Jasper County, IN: north west Indiana is wet and cold just like all of the mid-west, the thought of planting is just passing through the minds of the farmers now, what will this year bring, somewhat discouraging at the least

4/4/2019 Cavalier County, ND: Having difficult time warming up still have lots snow on the ground yet would estimate at least 50% snow cover or more. Most snow we had since 1996 to 1997 winter. Tree row drifts are still 4 to 6 feet so will take some time for us to get to spring looks like very late spring season. This as I am writing this were getting light snow again and snow in forecast next several days.

4/3/2019 Craighead County, AR: Lots of corn went into the ground the last 3 days in Northeast Arkansas. Quite a bit of rice planting is also going on. Lot of land preparation for cotton planting has been going on. Rain tomorrow will bring things to a halt.

4/2/2019 Craighead County, AR: Corn planting going wide open in Northeast Arkansas. More corn being planted than I expected. Soybean acres will be down substantially here.