What’s Happening In Farm Country?

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Here’s a brief snapshot of life in farm country right now. Most are still snowed out, although planting has started in Texas. Weather forecasts indicate it will be a few more weeks before most of the Corn Belt is able to get into the field.

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4/9/2018 Yellow Medicine County, MN: Did some digging last week. Still two feet of frost in the ground. It's going to be a few days before we start planting. Meeker County hit the nail on the head.

4/9/2018 Mclennan County, TX: Managed to get 115 acres in but rain coming from the west so we shut it down. Soil is just getting warm enough in our area and most fields are still wet.

Crop Comments

 4/9/2018 Buffalo County, NE: Snow this morning with windy and chilly conditions all day. Forecast has 3 days of seasonable temps, then back to winter with snow and overnight lows in the teens for the weekend. Just the type of weather I moved my calving date back into the second week of April to avoid! I'm in no hurry to plant either as winter doesn't want to give up yet. Some fertilizer has been applied, but little else is going on as ground temperatures remain in the 30's.

4/9/2018 Cavalier County, ND: snow on the ground plus ground is still frozen solid! Lows in the single digits highs 30s and more snow this week! Next week not much better. Last year fertilizer was starting to go. Not gonna happen for a couple weeks around here. Hey at least it’s not in the 100's like AZ!

4/8/2018 Paulding County, OH: Wake up to low to mid 20’s still. Weatherman says by next weekend we should see 60’s but all rain. I don’t think NW Ohio will be planting anytime soon. Getting itchy though. It’s almost time to rock n roll!

4/6/2018 Glacier County, MT: We had a high of 12 today and haven't been above 40 since the week before thanksgiving. Currently there is two feet of snow at the farm. Fortunately we aren't supposed to get any more snow for another day and a half. I think the major crop here will be snow peas. We won't be in the field for another month if the weather doesn't change. We are a short season any way but this year it will be very short. A lot more barley and pulse crops and less wheat. The previous posters have it right when they mentioned prevented planting. (Less expenses, less supply and a good correction to our current glut.

4/4/2018 Saginaw County, MI: Sugar beets have been planted in the Saginaw Valley in the last 2 weeks as weather permitted. We received .5 to .75 inches of rain then 2 inches of snow last night and this morning. Cold weather is predicted for the next 2 weeks upper 30's to low 40’s. Lows in the lower 20's to 30 at night. Areas to the north received 8-12" of snow. Spring is still a couple of weeks away. Doesn't appear corn will be planted until the end of the month or into May as it looks now. The government is doing a good job of trying to put farmers out of business. The planting intentions sway the markets up then threaten tariffs and drive them back down. If the tariffs take effect how far down will the markets go? We are at or below the cost of production now. Good luck for a profitable year.

4/4/2018 Coles County, IL: 5 inches in the last couple weeks followed by 3 inches of snow then 6 inches of rain yesterday, we may have broken the 9 months of drought. I hope the weather will settle down soon and not be so extreme. We have lakes in our fields and ice, so planting will be way behind. So will yields. Trump seems to like to destroy things with the thought of getting his way after everyone suffers and take a hit then he decides to try to make a deal. Like chopping off your arm for a splinter in your finger and thinking a better one will grow back.

4/3/2018 Barron County, WI: More snow again today. Below average temperatures. It appears that it will be a late spring this year.