Western Scouts Still Looking for Perfect Corn

Scouts on the western leg of the Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour are still in search of a perfect corn field after crossing South Dakota off their list and moving into Nebraska.

“We had a couple of 200 bushel yields,” said scout Ken Eckhardt of Minnesota Lake, MN.”But we had some that would have had a tough time breaking a hundred. It was very variable.”

Brent Judisch of Cedar Falls Iowa followed a route from Sioux Falls south through Yankton and said he observed much the same.

“Our corn samples were very erratic,” Judisch said. “We would have two really nice ears and then one a half an ear. Out of 22 stops I think in 18 stops we had one really bad ear.”

Judisch said corn yield checks on his route ranged from 121 to 245 bushels per acre.

That variability continues in soybeans. Eckhardt saw plenty of promise in the bean fields on his route. “Most of the soybeans we saw, the soil moisture was good,” he said.” I think they could finish if they had to. There’s good potential in these soybeans.

Beans lacked that promise on the route Judisch followed. “We were quite a bit low on bean numbers all the way today,” he said. “We had a hard time breaking a thousand pods when normally we would be at 11 to 12 hundred.”

The western leg of the tour continues across Nebraska on Tuesday. For more on Eckhardt and Judisch’s observations from the first day of the crop tour, click on the video above.