West Central Introduces Trivar Broadcast Fertilizer Additive

With 17 years of in-field experience with the Levesol chelating agent, West Central is applying it to broadcast fertilizer and introducing Trivar fertilizer additive with a focus of making phosphorus and micronutrients more available to the plant. 

Trivar has three modes of action to make crop nutrients more available to the plant and is designed to be impregnated on dry fertilizer for fall or spring applications. Its benefits include: 

  • Protecting the key micronutrients in the soil from binding with phosphorus.
  • Using a nutrient-focused enzyme to convert organic phosphorus to plant available inorganic phosphorus. 
  • Adding zinc and boron to every one of the product’s granules

Steve Carlsen, Levesol and Crop Enhancement Portfolio Manager with West Central, says the product is effective on a wide range of soil types, a wide pH range, when organic matter are present, and with the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil. 

Carlsen says the product protects the grower’s fertilizer investment. It allows farmers to become more sustainable and more effective in their fertilizer applications by providing more nutrients in a plant-usable form.

“By allowing these nutrients to more easily and effectively be taken in by the plant, we see healthier plants and improved yield,” Carlsen says. “Using Trivar helps protect costly phosphate fertilizer investments. When it’s added to the crop management plan, Trivar prevents nutrient tie-up and maximizes nutrient availability.”

The product is recommended with a use rate of 3 to 4 quarts per ton of phosphorus-based fertilizer.