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The New AgWeb ( Farm Journal )

By Farm Journal News Director John Herath

Yes, things look a little different today at AgWeb: cleaner, better organized with more of the news, markets and weather you are looking for right on the front page.

Today we unveil a new look that has been more than a year in the making. We unveil a redesigned site that has been built from its inception with your input at heart.

This isn’t merely a re-skinning of the existing AgWeb, but rather an overhaul of how we get the latest news in agriculture to you as quickly and as accurately as possible. We have new editor tools that let us post news nearly instantaneously. Yet, once you start poking around the site you’ll find a lot of it familiar. The overall structure and where you like to find the local forecast, market quotes or your favorite analyst stays largely the same. 

If I may, I’d like to point out a few of my favorite new features for you to explore. First, did you notice the scrolling markets at the top of the page? We know the latest market information is of paramount importance to a majority of the AgWeb audience. That’s why we placed a markets ticker at the top of nearly every page. And did you know you can go much, much deeper in the markets information on AgWeb with some of the best charting tools available on a free website. Check out the nearby corn chart here.

We have improved the weather forecasting tools as well. You can localize the forecasting and maps and see active individual storm cells on the radar map while tracking their heading. 

Video is easier to find and navigate with the latest AgDay and U.S. Farm Report episodes viewable on the first page. We also have an extensive and growing collection of ag podcasts, including the 2019 Pro Farmer Crop Tour Podcast and DC Signal to Noise with Jim Wiesemeyer.

Our discussion boards have been revamped. Jump in and start chatting with farmers and ranchers across the country about markets, crop conditions or even bad jokes.

And if you’re viewing the new AgWeb on your computer, be sure to check it out on your phone as well.  The new site is completely responsive to make every page look great on every size screen.

This new look and new site are just the beginning. We continued to change and update the old AgWeb right up until the moment we retired it late Monday evening. Likewise, we will continue to update and innovate and push boundaries with this new site. And those changes will continue to be driven by you, the American farmer and rancher.

Let me know what you think of the new AgWeb, good and bad. Let me know what you would like to see next. Drop me a note at [email protected]