"Weathering the Storm": A Special Edition of U.S. Farm Report

Weathering the Storm- a special edition of U.S. Farm Report - looks back at the challenging weather year, as well as gives a glimpse into what could be ahead. From a cool, wet weather pattern to the possibility of an early frost, several factors could still impact production agriculture this year. ( Farm Journal )

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Welcome to Weathering the Storm- a special edition of U.S. Farm Report this post-Independence Day weekend. An already challenging year for weather and production agriculture, it’s not only a look back, but a glimpse into what could be ahead, as we show you how producers are "Weathering the Storm.

A cool wet year, that may not change..

"We do see a strong likelihood for the continuation of cooler than normal and wetter than normal weather," said Brad Rippey, USDA Meteorologist 

Farmers and ranchers battling floods, overcoming challenges with unique solutions

"Well, I woke up to the water being too high to get the cattle out," said an Oklahoma ranchers. 

That's as a challening year is far from over.

"I can tell you it's a fight to the finish at this point, but it's not undoable," said Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Agronomist. 

A painful planting season showing up in millions of acres not getting planted this year.

Such a challenging weather year, but is weather forecasting becoming more accurate?  John Phipps weighs in during John's World.