Waypoint Analytical Acquires Highland Precision Ag Laboratory Assets in Strategic Alliance

Waypoint Analytical, Inc. in Memphis, TN and Highland Precision Ag, LLC in Mulberry, FL, announce a strategic alliance.

As part of this alliance, Waypoint's subsidiary, Waypoint Analytical - FL, Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire Highland Precision Ag's laboratory assets, as well as a priority testing services agreement that provides Highland Precision Ag's with independent laboratory testing services in support of its precision ag platform.

Founded in 2015, Highland Precision Ag has a vision of providing comprehensive analytics for its nationwide customer base.

"By partnering with Waypoint, we accomplish this objective, achieving our mission of helping our growers reach their full potential", said Steve Maxwell CEO and Co-founder of Highland Companies (a family of Ag related businesses). "With this strategic alliance and WPA's national network of tactically located labs, we will provide laboratory analytical and agronomic services, as well as real-time data to our growers that empower them to make better decisions and prepare them for the future demands of verifiable sustainable practices."

Waypoint Analytical is the parent corporation of several agriculture laboratories, creating the largest agricultural laboratory group in the United States.

"We are excited to work with the Highland Precision Ag team and look forward to providing the best analytical support to their clients," says Scott McKee, President/CEO of WP. "WPA specializes in providing next day turnaround with 98% certainty. This allows HPA clients to use our data to make timely critical decisions impacting farm operations such as fertility, irrigation, disease management and land stewardship.