Video: "Outdoor" Help for Conservation Converted Acres

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Creating a wildlife conservation area on your farm starts with precision data but don't forget to ask for help says Josh Divan, a farmer in Scarville, Iowa and a precision ag and conservation specialist for Pheasants Forever Iowa

"My role with Pheasants Forever is specifically engineered to work directly with farmers and their data," says Divan. "I can help you work through the unprofitable acres and then [figure out] objectives and what alternatives you have while using all of these programs."

Divan says USDA has service centers that can be of assistance and Pheasants Forever has 260 biologists across the country and 26 different states that deliver technical help directly to farmers.

"There's a lot of financial incentives out there to help undercut the costs for a producer," says Divan.  "We're talking dollars and cents here."

He says the help even includes evaluating new plant growth on conservation converted cropland. 

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