Vestaron forms manufacturing partnership with Capua Bioservices

Vestaron Corporation, a developer of novel, naturally occurring peptides with anti-insect properties, today announced the signing of a multi-year manufacturing agreement with Capua Bioservices for production of its Spear‚Ñ¢ family of products.

"We are very excited about engaging with Capua for microbial fermentation, focusing on scale-up and commercial manufacturing." commented John Sorenson, Vestaron's President and CEO. "Capua Bioservices is a world class organization with extensive experience in the fermentation of the particular type of yeast that we're using, and we consider this a critical link in our commercialization of Spear‚Ñ¢ products."

Spear‚Ñ¢ products are developed from naturally occurring peptides with anti-insect properties. These bioinsecticides are non-toxic to humans, mammals, birds, fish, honeybees, and several other beneficial insects, and the absence of toxic residues give growers maximum flexibility in growing and harvesting their crops. Spear‚Ñ¢ products have the same effectiveness in controlling insects as harsher synthetic insecticides, but offer the safety of biologicals- a great combination for both growers and consumers.

Capua BioServices is a global provider of high-quality services in the field of custom microbial process development and manufacturing. They offer dedicated fermentation based solutions for applications in pharma, food, feed and other bio-industrial markets. They are one of the largest, independent microbial contract manufacturing facilities located in Western-Europe, with a total fermentation capacity of about 1400 m3 . The Company is headquartered in Capua (Italy). Over the past 50 years, they have built a track record based on their extensive experience in working with a variety of bacterial, yeast and fungal systems.