Verdesian Launches MicroSync Granular Micronutrient Products

Verdesian Life Sciences introduces three MicroSync Specialty Granular Micronutrient products. The formulations are free flowing, low dust and uniform, are designed to be blended with NPK granular fertilizer and are formulated for broad care crops. The development of the products use proprietary technology and processes such as Nutripactoin technology and they contain a unique combination of sulfates and sucrates that are enhanced with Verdesian Polymer Technology.

Verdesian offers MicroSync in the following formulations:

  1. MicroSync Plus contains sulfur, calcium, zinc and boron in a unique formulation to synergize the availability of both secondary and micronutrients for plant uptake.
  2. MicroSync Pro contains manganese, in addition to the sulfur, calcium, zinc and boron to offer a more complete delivery for crops that require supplemental manganese.
  3. MicroSync Ultra contains sulfur, calcium, zinc, manganese and boron, and also adds humic acid, which helps to chelate/bind cations.

The products are built to supply on-demand sulfur availability to prevent or correct micronutrient or sulfur deficiencies. MicroSync application rates range from 10-40 lbs. per acre. Standard use rate is 20 lbs. per acre.


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