Verdesian: Avail T5 Keeps Phosphorus Fertilizer Available for Plant

Young corn plants ( Sonja Begemann )

While soil might have acceptable—or even high levels—of phosphorus it’s not always in a form plants can use. Verdesian LifeSciences says its Avail T5 phosphorus fertilizer enhancer helps farmers get more out of their soil.

“Avail technologies result in 30% to 45% more phosphorus being made available to the crop, according to our field trials,” said Todd Carpenter, technical development manager at Verdesian in a recent press release. “These trials show that the increase in available phosphorus that Avail T5 provides results in improved early growth, better roots, stronger shoots and improved yields.”

The company reports trials show a 3.8% yield increase on average when using Avail T5 on granular phosphorus and a 2.4% yield increase with Avail T5 liquid starters and pop-ups.

Avail T5 interacts with positively charged ions in the soil that traditionally cause applied phosphorus to become fixed. The product slows fixation by temporarily binding the positively charged ions such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron.

Verdesian said recent studies indicate 2/3 of the product’s benefit is increasing plant-available phosphorus with the final third from improved early root development that allows the plant to tolerate stress throughout the season.