Valley Agronomics Named 2018 Precision Impact Award Winner

2018 Precision Impact Award Valley Agronomics
The 2018 Precision Impact Award winner is Valley Agronomics LLC, pictured here is Conner Lankford, Richard Lloyd, and with Proagrica Scott Cogdill ( Margy Eckelkamp )

At the 2018 ARA Conference and Expo, AgPro magazine named Valley Agronomics as the recipient of the Precision Impact Award. The award is co-sponsored by the Ag Retailers Association and Proagrica. The Precision Impact Award recognizes retailers who are leading the industry with precision ag in products and services offered to farmers.

Two years ago, the team at Valley Agronomics LLC recognized a need to create a customized precision ag product. The result is Platinum Precision—a subscription service that provides a suite of technology tools and the time and talent of the Valley Agronomics precision ag team.  

“We came up with the Platinum Precision Program as a way of collaborating with our growers to figure out how they could use different technologies,” says Richard Lloyd, Chief Operating Officer for Valley Agronomics. “And how we can scale that across more than just one farmer or a few fields we could scatter that technology across to a diverse customer base with multiple crops and multiple geographies and be able to work with them to figure out how that can bring value to their farms.”

Valley Agronomics services 24 retail locations with Valley Wide Co-op, Wilco Co-op, and Winfield United to reach more than 5,000 growers in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Nevada. There are three precision ag specialists with the role of supporting the farmer and the agronomy team in maximizing the technology, yields and inputs.

“The goal is to have a team where we've got the best in class local expert that really knows the agronomy and somebody that knows the technology really well,” says Connor Lankford, precision ag manager for Valley Agronomics. “Together they can they can work together to help put a plan together and put a customized offering together for the grower that's going to help that grower be successful.”

Lankford was recently interviewed on AgriTalk to describe more:

In its first year, the company had nearly 200 growers. This past year, they signed up 135. The subscription is $2,500 per year per grower account—no matter how many acres. It includes: satellite imagery for the entire farm, unlimited VRT mapping and prescriptions, yield map retrieval, basic farm management software, and additional discounts on precision services.

“Platinum Precision is really a low cost for what we get out of it,” says Tanner Wahlen at Kim Wahlen Farms. “It’s an awesome record keeping system that we use and it helps us stay organized. We also submit the data to processors and use it for sustainability in our operation. That's a big word used now and everyone's trying to stay sustainable. And so, the platinum prescription has really helped us stay organized, helped us track our costs, and helped us be more efficient.”

The team at Valley Agronomics will continue to work to bring their customers solutions with technology while supporting them with agronomic and precision ag resources.

“And so I think we're uniquely positioned to be able to be the expertise locally and we can combine that that new innovation and new technology with the local ag nomic expertise to to apply it and I think that's different,” says Lloyd.