Valent Launches In-Furrow Corn Treatment

Determine if crown root rot is a factor by splitting the stalk. The darkening of the crown, as seen in the image above, is a key characteristic.

MycoApply EndoPrime is an in-furrow corn treatment used to enhance the soil and ultimately yield. Valent is including four species of mycorrhizal fungi to improve corn’s performance.

According to Valent MycoApply Endoprime has a 75% win rate versus an untreated check for a 4.6 bu. per acre advantage. This is from research in 24 trials over two years.

The company says the new tool will improve the plants nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and yield potential. MycoApply EndoPrime colonizes the root system in the corn plant. It creates hyphae that attach to root hairs to extend roots farther into the soil. Those same hyphae produce enzymes that release nutrients in the soil and create vesicles to store resources until needed.

“This allows the plant to go beyond what is already available,” says Todd Mayhew, Valent product development manager.  “[It will] reach further into the soil to use what is there, but previously inaccessible.”

In testing this past year the company says 57% of farmers saw fuller root masses compared to untreated corn. A retailer in Iowa said drought conditions lead to a 15 bu. advantage. Valent is offering a version of the product it says will pre-slurry easier than the pre-launch testing formulations.