Valent to Launch New Herbicide this Year

Spraying ( Darrell Smith )

Corn and soybean farmers will have a new post-emergent herbicide option just in time for the 2020 growing season. Valent recently received EPA registration for Perpetuo residual herbicide.

“As growers continue to face increasing weed pressure, we are excited to bring this post-applied residual solution to help them protect their crop investment,” said Joe Short, marketing manager with Valent in a news release. “With the registration of Perpetuo, we are able to offer growers powerful pre-, post- and post-residual weed control solutions to protect their yields.”

The company says this new product will provide long-lasting residual control to help farmers combat late-emerging weeds through canopy closure. While pre-emergent herbicides provide control longer into the season with residuals, they might not have enough gas to make it to canopy closure.

That gap between the herbicide wearing off and weeds emerging can cause yield loss. Take Action Herbicide Resistance Management Program sites yield losses as high as 10% in this gap.

Perpetuo is a group 15 herbicide, active ingredient pyroxasulfone, mixed with a group 14 herbicide, flumiclorac active ingredient. Valent says it’s a low use rate with burndown and residual properties for use in corn or soybean trait systems.

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