Valent Introduces Soil-Enhancement Product Liquid Formulation

Valent U.S.A. LLC today announced the launch of MycoApply EndoPrime SC – a liquid formulation of the company's soil enhancement product, MycoApply EndoPrime. Applied in-furrow, MycoApply EndoPrime SC contains four unique species of mycorrhizal fungi that help improve soil health, nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and maximize yield potential throughout the season.

The mycorrhizal fungi in MycoApply EndoPrime SC colonize the root system of the corn plant, and create filaments known as hyphae that attach to root hairs, and extend into areas of the soil inaccessible to the roots. Mycorrhizae can store resources until needed by the plant, allowing for increased tolerance to stressors, including drought. In addition, the company says the mycorrhizal fungi in MycoApply EndoPrime SC improves soil health – the hyphae produce glomalin, a sticky protein important to building stable soil aggregates for better soil structure. This increased soil stability helps retain top soil and crop land productivity.

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