Use Defoliation to Your Advantage this Cotton Harvest

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It’s time to start planning for a high-quality cotton harvest. Using the right cotton harvest aid in your fields can make a profitable difference this year. 

Benefits of defoliation include:

  • Increased exposure of bolls to sunlight, resulting in faster drying and opening
  • Earlier start times for picking operations due to faster drying
  • Reduced trash and green leaf stain, improved grades
  • Reduced boll rot

Nufarm offers several cotton harvest aids to promote defoliation, boll opening and a better overall crop. Terminate Cotton Harvest Aid effectively promotes leaf drop and cotton boll opening. As a single application premix, Terminate can have cotton harvest-ready up to five days faster, reducing risk from damaging weather. CottonQuik Cotton Harvest Aid/Defoliant provides consistent, quick boll opening over a wide range of temperatures with minimal regrowth for a clean harvest. CutOut Cotton Defoliant enables fast defoliation in the face of impending cold fronts. The fast action of CutOut allows clean defoliation and preserves lint quality. It can also be tank-mixed with other harvest aids to improve performance for an even faster finish.

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