U.S. plains growers get access to new winter wheat varieties

As the time draws near to select winter wheat seed, make sure you choose seed varieties with consistent performance and superior genetics. To help growers in the Plains do this, Syngenta has introduced SY Llano and SY Monument, two new hard red winter wheat varieties in the proven AgriPro brand wheat portfolio.

Both varieties are great options to consider when planting this fall as they offer tolerance to leaf and stripe rust. Additionally:

  • SY Llano produces high yields and good grazing, allowing you to use this variety in two ways. Also, its early maturity makes it a good choice for growers who are double cropping. SY Llano is best suited for the central corridor of Texas and Oklahoma into south central Kansas, up to Wichita.
  • SY Monument is a widely adapted variety with good drought tolerance, disease tolerance and winter hardiness. It is best adapted to the central and western high plains of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas.

For more information on the right winter wheat variety for your area or proper seeding rates and seed treatments to help your wheat start strong, contact your local Syngenta representative.


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