U.S. Consumers are Eating More Wheat

Winter wheat heading out in Ridgely, Tennesse (May 2018) ( Mike Byers )

Wheat for food use this year is up 14 million bushels over this past year at 943 million. This sharp increase is finally reversing a declining per capita trend.

The increase is led by an increased demand for “fast casual” restaurants. Think: Subway, Quiznos, Chipotle, etc. Incomes are on the rise and as a result, more consumers are eating at restaurants. So much so, the restaurant industry is projecting sustained, moderate growth throughout 2018.

USDA wheat consumption

In 2016 wheat consumption was 131.7 pounds per capita and 2017 rose just slightly to 131.8 pounds per capita.

Does this increase in consumption make you more likely to plant wheat? Let us know in the comments!