Unverferth Unveils 2,500 Bushel Brent Avalanche Grain Cart

The 2596 Brent Avalanche grain cart boasts a 2,500 bu. capacity and up to 1,000 bu. per minute unloading speed. Manufactured by Unverferth Manufacturing, the 2596 Avalanche model also features a pivoting auger with more than 4’ of height and reach adjustability and a four-way adjustable downspout. 

The grain cart is built with a low-profile design, steep-sloped sides, and patented Equalizer tracks with exclusive 50”-wide by 148”-long, one-piece molded rubber tracks. Its unload speeds are made possible by its exclusive drivetrain with a belt-driven 20”-diameter floor auger and a heavy-duty, direct-drive 90-degree gearbox for the 24” vertical auger. 

For easier nighttime unloading, the high-capacity grain cart features LED lighting in its interior and on the auger. And for safety considerations during transport, the cart has LED transport lighting (including side marker lights), conspicuity striping, and a transport chain. 

Options for the model 2596 also include: hydraulically operated parking jack, five-function pistol-grip remote control of auger operations and downspout, deluxe scale package, ISO-operated UHarvest weighing or data management packages, camera monitors and electric-operation for the roll-over tarp. 

The Avalanche series has four models in addition to the 2596 which are 2096 (2,000 bu.), 1596 (1,500 bu.), 1396 (1,300 bu.), and 1196 (1,100 bu.).