Unlocking Farm Profitability with Data, Tech & Traceability

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Learn how to help your farm’s bottom line by putting machinery, data and technology to work monitoring and measuring the impact of your conservation agriculture and natural resource stewardship practices. Here’s why this type of business intelligence will be table stakes for the successful farm business of the future.

Jason Weller joined Land O’Lakes Inc. in 2017 where he serves as the vice president of Truterra, leading the team that is generating conservation solutions for the farmer cooperative’s members and owners. He previously served as chief of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the nation’s largest working lands conservation organization. Prior to serving as chief, Jason served on the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, the U.S. House Budget Committee, and in the White House Office of Management and Budget. He and his family live in Minnesota, and he’s proud that his young daughters are sixth-generation Minnesotans.

Aaron Deardorff started in agriculture as a farmhand in Southeast Iowa and joined ag retail in high school assisting with grain handling, feed and custom application. During college he worked part time at a local cooperative as a crop scout and found his passion for precision agriculture. Aaron graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agricultural and biosystems engineering. He began his formal career in digital agriculture and retail agronomy in Northeast Iowa followed by digital agronomy, sales and marketing and management roles in Southern Minnesota. During that time he received a certified crop advisor (CCA) license along with a NRCS technical service provider (TSP) accreditation. Aaron has held marketing roles in Syngenta including marketing development manager for Northern Field Crops, crop manager for Horticulture NE District, customer marketing manager for Northern Crescent, U.S. digital farming manager and head of marketing to settlement. Since 2016, as head of digital agriculture solutions, Aaron has led the creation, development and integration of North America Digital Agriculture Solutions strategies and implementation to generate improved business performance and an enhanced customer experience through AgriEdge, Digital Agronomy and Sustainable Solutions strategies and initiatives across all NA Seeds and Crop Protection commercial units. His passion for agriculture and dedication to Syngenta customers continue to drive his leadership of the Syngenta business.

Curt Blades leads AEM’s ag, forestry and stewardship efforts. Blades has worked in the ag industry for over 25 years with Meredith Corporation, Farmland Industries and others. His multigenerational family farm is located in Shelbina, Mo.

Jeremie Pavelski serves as president of Heartland Farms, a fifth-generation operation in Hancock, Wis. Heartland Farms is a partnership between Jeremie, his father, Richard; Dave Knights and TJ Kennedy. Spanning 24,000 acres, the top crop on this Wisconsin-based farm is potatoes, though they also grow sweet corn, canning peas, green beans and soybeans. Annually 8,000 acres are dedicated to potatoes, most of which end up as potato chips. The Heartland Farms team is comprised of what Jeremie calls “old-school knowledge” and “new-tech savvy.” Through careful planning and mentoring, these two groups have learned to work collaboratively. The farm employs 120 full-time and 150 part-time team members. Jeremie and his wife, Alicia, have one daughter, Charlotte.