United Suppliers adds Symbol brand to portfolio

United Suppliers announced the launch of the Symbol brand family for the 2015 crop season.

Each Symbol product delivers enhanced foliar nutrient technologies to help limit the impact of crop stresses throughout the growing season, improving plant health and increasing the potential for higher yields.

Symbol Advance powered by Take Off increases nitrogen use efficiency inside the plant, when applied via foliar application, and improves the plant's ability to withstand yield-limiting stresses when used alone or in mixtures.

Symbol Release fueled by Brandt Smart System Technology delivers enhanced foliar liquid nutrients and mixes readily with common weed management tank mixes to aid in recovery from crop stresses and achieve peak yields.

"We are looking forward to the 2015 crop season, especially with the Symbol foliar nutrient brand family in our line-up. Weed resistance management requires timely applications and using multiple modes of action can create stress on your crops. The Symbol brands offer nutrient technologies to help limit the impact of stresses throughout the growing season," stated Daniel Faidley, Senior Product Manager.

United Suppliers continues to invest in advanced technologies resulting in a rich pipeline of agronomic solutions that will help its owners and their customers meet their production potential.


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