Understanding the value of sulphur

Frequently referred to as "the fourth major nutrient," sulphur is often as essential as N, P, and K for increased yields. Sulphur provides many benefits to crops, including:

• Increased nitrogen utilization

• Improved phosphate and micronutrient uptake in high pH soils

• Increased chlorophyll, protein, oil and vitamin production

In most soils, the majority of sulphur is contained in organic matter and once sulphur-rich soils are short of the sulphur needed to aid plant growth and deliver profitable yields. Adding suplemental sulphur, through a high-quality sulphur fertilizer such as Tiger XP and Tiger Micronutrients, is now an important part of a balanced crop nutrition program.

Improve Nitrogen utilization with Tiger-Sul Sulphur

Nitrogen is vital for producing healthy crops, but in typical growing conditions, nitrogen loss can run from 20 to 50 percent. Research has shown that Tiger-Sul sulphur fertilizers can reduce costly nitrogen loss by 18 to 30 percent. The data in the accompanying table demonstrates the enhanced nutrient-use and corresponding yield advantages Tiger-Sul fertilzers can deliver, even when NPK was reduced by 20 percent in the fertilizer blend.

With a unique composition of sulphur bentonite and a proprietary activator, Tiger fertilizers deliver season-long sulphate availability that translates into better crop performance and higher yields at harvest.