Two Nebraska Co-Ops Merge, Totaling 50 Locations

Nebraska ( MGN Image )

After initializing a study in February 2019 to explore unifying their co-ops, Frontier Cooperative and Midwest Farmers Cooperative members officially approved the two joining together effective September 1, 2019.

The yet-to-be named cooperative will operate approximately 50 grain, agronomy, energy and feed locations across 14 counties in east-central Nebraska.

After a four-week voting period, Frontier Cooperative passed the unification resolution with 69.30% voting yes, and Midwest Farmers Cooperative passed the unification resolution with 70.45% voting yes.

“Approval of this unification of equals shows a strong commitment on the part of our members to grow the strength of the cooperative system for the future,” Randy Robeson, general manager of Frontier Cooperative said in a news release.

Midwest Farmers Cooperative CEO, Jeremy Wilhelm also said in the news release, “The Boards of Directors and employees spent a great deal of time analyzing this opportunity before presenting it to our members for a vote. The time taken by our members to understand what we were proposing shows their engagement and commitment to helping us be a better org.”

According to the news release, the unified cooperative will be led by current Midwest Farmers Cooperative CEO, Jeremy Wilhelm. The board will have 18 directors, 9 from each of the legacy cooperatives.

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