Two Large Ag Retailers Start Selling Vegalab Line

Both retailers began selling Vegalab products in the fall of 2017. ( Vegalab )

Producers in California have access to Vegalab all-natural, biologically derived pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty agricultural products, which are now being carried by Buttonwillow Warehouse Company and Mid Valley Agricultural Service, inc. Both retailers began selling Vegalab products in the fall of 2017.

BWC began offering the products in the Delano, McFarland growing region of California and include Nematode Control, Brix Boost, Color Boost, Spore Control and Spider Mite Control.

Mid Valley Ag introduced products in the Central Valley of California with sales including Water Solv, Bactor Boost, Nematode Control, Spider Mite Control, Humic 12 and Folifert.

Awaiting the sales numbers on these products, Vegalab is optimistic.

"With these well established and storied agricultural dealers on our team for the 2018 growing season, Vegalab is poised to show strong revenue growth in the California market," says David Selakovic, Vegalab CEO.


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Submitted by MozeePy on Wed, 02/14/2018 - 09:06

Good news for my Assignment Geek Company. Now we can use one good company and not to choose from many small and bad :)