Trump Goes Jekyll and Hyde on NAFTA

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Arizona and said he thinks the U.S. will “probably” pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Is NAFTA really over? Probably not.

“He’s a Dr. Jekyll and Hyde president,” Jim Wiesemeyer told AgriTalk host Mike Adams on Friday. “You almost disregard his tweets when he goes out for campaign appearances. That’s just to give meat to his flock. You’re better off not to listen to him.”

Neither Canada nor Mexico batted an eye at the President’s comments. In fact Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney told Adams Canadians simply rolled their eyes.

“You hear a lot in the news that [these comments are] him negotiating, but when people are rolling their eyes, that’s not negotiating,” he said.

Despite the President’s comments, it appears NAFTA negotiations are moving right along. Following a trilateral statement on Sunday, negotiators from all three countries are at home discussing necessary changes to the agreement with their constituents.

“I don’t think [the Phoenix comments] upset the apple cart for these negotiations,” Haney said. “I think we get to round 2 and people will keep doing their work.”