Topcon’s New Technology Said to Improve Drift Management

To enhance existing product Horizon and IOBUS UT capabilities, Topcon Agriculture is marketing new sprayer features. Improvements include individual nozzle control and improved drift management abilities with automatic boom height control using NORAC UC7.

The technology interfaces to Topcon’s Apollo ECU for control of all sprayer functions.

“The system is easily scalable and expandable to allow control of basic systems up to advanced systems with control of auxiliary functions such as: automatic tank fill, control of up to four spray lines with automatic line switching, individual nozzle control, rinse tank control with programmable automatic wash cycles, hydraulic folding functions and pump speed control and monitoring,” says Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture.

NORAC UC3 is another option for farmers and applicators. This technology allows for full boom control with Topcon X-family consoles and is AEF certified.