Top Tool To Manage Business In A Down Ag Economy

Mike Koenecke Recruiting and HR Consultant, Ag 1 Source ( Ag 1 Source )

Recently, AgPro asked professionals in the ag retail space: Is the current ag economy affecting the way ag retail businesses manage their teams and talent?

Mike Koenecke

Spencer, Iowa

Recruiting and HR Consultant, Ag 1 Source

Answer: We see corporations delaying traditional hiring to minimize payroll expenditures. They stretch existing staff to absorb additional jobs creating higher workloads. Other companies react proactively using merger or consolidation efforts to gain efficiencies. These approaches generate mixed responses from employees. Some feel insecure or overworked, so they leave creating short-term turnover. The common thread to improving employee retention is senior leadership and middle management’s approach to communication. They must demonstrate work reality, stability and security. Transparency leads to higher levels of trust that transitions into engagement and retention of current staff.