Tool Helps Farmers Create Custom Cover Crop Mixes

Cover Crop ( Sonja Begemann )

Millborn Seeds is introducing the My SeedMix App to help farmers customize their cover crop mixes.

“As more landowners move toward integrating cover crops into their forage management and crop rotations, the demand for highly diverse and customized seed mixes increases,” said Matt Metzger, forage specialist with Millborn Seeds in a recent news release. “Some customers have extensive experience with cover crops, and want to experiment a bit, putting together their own mixes. Others may not have much experience but want the flexibility to put together mixes on their own time, so we developed a tool to help make customizing mixes easier for all landowners.”

The new app gives users customized seed-mix options based on their input from answering questions—like their primary and secondary goals and what they’d like to plant. Learn more here.