Too Much, Too Little, Too Late Nitrogen Use Outcomes

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

Corn growers know the importance of the 4Rs --the right rate, right source, right placement and right timing— for stewarding fertilizer applications, especially nitrogen (N).

Still, knowing the 4Rs and then making them effective in the field is a whole lot more difficult than it might seem, notes Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist.

“You can over apply N but if it’s not available when and where the crop needs it you’ll have a disappointing outcome,” he says. “Too little product at the right time, and you’ll harvest less corn. Too much product at the right time, and (the excess) will end up in the environment.”

In this week’s Boots In The Field Report, Ferrie provides additional insights into how you can get more yield bang from your nitrogen buck. Listen here: