Time for Ag Tech to Simplify According to Google Exec

Google Geospatial Expert on AgriTalk at AgTech Expo

What’s the next big thing for ag technology? Google geospatial expert Ed Parsons suspects the developer of that next big thing is on the floor of the AgTech Expo in Indianapolis.

Parsons, the keynote speaker at the AgTech Expo sat down with Clinton Griffiths on AgriTalk Radio and looked to a future of ag tech that is more streamlined and more user focused. He said that next big leap is likely just around the corner.

“I don’t think it’s going to be Google that’s doing that,” Parsons said. “I think here at the Expo there are many more likely candidates that will really do what we do at Google which is focus with laser precision on what a user need is. What’s the thing that really makes a difference that’s saving someone a few minutes every day, but over the period of a year that makes a really big difference? It’s a niggly little thing that can be fixed and really understanding what that user requirement is will allow you to get that success.”

Parsons noted the rapid change that has come to geospatial technology and satellite crop monitoring.  He said when he first started processing satellite imagery he had to sneak in at night to get computer time to process the data over a period of weeks. Now that same data is immediately accessible on a cell phone.

So how near is that next big leap?

“Probably many of these parts we could see coming together in the next year,” Parsons said. “From a technology point of view all the building blocks are there. I think what's  going to be the real challenge is building business models and getting startups that can identify what's the real issue for farmers that I can deploy this technology and make a solution that is actually really valuable. At the moment we have all of these interesting pieces of technology that are still quite arcane, still quite difficult to use. We need to bring those together in a much more accessible fashion.”


Watch the full AgriTalk interview with Ed Parsons of Google in the video above.