Tillerman Seeds Announces Second Seed Acquisition

Tuesday Tillerman Seeds LLC., a holding company established last year, acquired assets and real estate of Legacy Seeds, Inc. This acquisition builds on Tillerman’s earlier purchase of DF Seeds, LLC.

Legacy Seeds is based in Scandinavia, Wis. and sells alfalfa, corn, cover crop, wheat and soybean seeds. The company also has seed operations in Idaho. This transaction allows Legacy Seeds to maintain its heritage, operations and all jobs in Wisconsin and Idaho.

This transaction and that of DF Seeds have created a midwestern seed company with nearly $40 million in annual revenues and 42 employees that serve more than 800 farms in Michigan, Wisconsin and Idaho.

Tillerman’s two companies will operate as standalone entities with shared back-office services including accounting, HR and purchasing. Legacy Seeds and DF Seeds will collaborate on R&D and business practices for customer service, marketing and cross selling product lines.

"This transaction will bring new opportunities for the customers, employees and suppliers of both Legacy Seeds and DF Seeds," said James Sheppard, CEO of Tillerman Seeds in a recent press release. "These are two strong companies with complementary product lines, similar cultures and a shared laser-like focus on developing seeds that allow farmers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and other Midwestern states to maximize yields.”