Tiger-Sul Alabama Facility Resumes Sulfur Bentonite Production

On July 29, Tiger-Sul’s facility located in Atmore, Alabama experienced a fire. Since then, the production plant had been on limited capacity and the team at Tiger-Sul Products worked tirelessly to return the facility to full functionality and a fully operational status. The company achieved another key milestone in that ongoing process when it resumed sulfur bentonite production operations on November 24.

“Our team at Atmore has done an incredible job of methodically, but also expediently, bringing this critical facility back online.Being able to resume sulphur bentonite production operations is another very important step forward for this plant and our team at Atmore,” says Don Cherry, Tiger-Sul president and CEO. “Tiger-Sul has always been committed to maintaining strong safety and health programs for the benefit of our employees, customers and the communities in which we do business. Adhering to these standards has been our top priority throughout the restoration process, and will continue to be our top priority into the future.”

Since the fire in late July, Tiger-Sul devoted efforts and resources to ensure the orders of the company’s customers were fulfilled through its plants in Stockton, California, and Irricana, Alberta. That commitment to deliver Atmore customers’ orders through Tiger-Sul’s other operations remains in place until the Alabama plant returns to full production.